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Culture & Diversity 

I enjoy learning from others and sharing my stories and getting people together to share theirs. I love being able to inspire and create more than just what one person can achieve on their own. Together we create awesome.

What I always valued about Smartsheet was the importance it placed on diversity and inclusion. The company created ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) to build bridges and connections. I was touched when Ali C. (one of the leaders heading the Asian Pacific Islanders Group) asked if I could speak on a panel for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

One of the topics discussed was Allyship. We shared our thoughts and experiences on:
What is an example of when a teammate or leader showed up or acted as an ally?  How can our teammates or leaders help to create an inclusive/sustainable work environment?  How can our teammates or leaders help to create an inclusive/sustainable work environment?  It meant a lot to share my thoughts and reflect on the experiences I've had in different organizations, my mentors, mentees, and those around me. And am thankful for the support I've received and we give to each other.


At the XD Team Summit, our ux team was given the opportunity to gather and celebrate community and inspiration. For the team building event, I proposed and facilitated a "Movie & Chill" event on Design Disruption. I presented three disruption examples: Clayton's Innovators Dilemma, Guy Kawasaki's Art of Innovation, and Invision's Design Disruptors that led up to our group watching Invision's Movie: Design Disruptors.   


At the XD Team Summit, we had a series of learning rooms, I proposed and facilitated a "Design Challenge - Problem Solving (White boarding Exercises)" room and shared the following example frameworks: Dashinsky's 7 Step, Dan Shilov's Approach, and Coursera's Product UX Framework. After the deck presentation, participants with their partners were tasked with a white boarding challenge and a design problem to solve. They proceeded to define the problem, brainstorm, and sketch the experience and their ideas.   

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