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Image by Clark Van Der Beken

About Me

Approach + Background

The design process involves empathy, research, observation, understanding, ideation, exploration, and implementation. 


Make the complex intuitive and create experiences that improve people's lives.

Identify customer needs, validate hypothesis and assumptions. Help create the shared design vision with team members that aligns with business priorities.

User-centered design focus, visual & interaction, information design, art direction, illustration, information architecture, product concept development, and project management.

Experience in mobile, productivity software applications, desktop OS, device ui, websites, and print.

Proficient in mac/ios, windows, and google/material styleguides.  Knowledgeable in html, css styles, and javascript.

Graduated with a BFA Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Washington in 1994.

Being in an environment that inspires diversity of thought and creative inspiration where we can all learn and grow is important to me:


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I want to design experiences that excite and engage people.

Efficient and effective experiences that bring a sense of accomplishment and ease of use to the user.

Customers feel that they've done something that brings value and fulfills a need in their lives.

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