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Windows Live Family Safety v3

Contact and Content Management for your entire family. 

I was the designer leading the website portion of Windows Live Family Safety Settings. My design goal was to empower parents with the ability to monitor and limit their children's internet activity, messaging, and contact lists.


Target Audience:
Families and parents with children ages 9-16.

Design Approach:
Talked with parents whose children surfed the web and used instant messaging services. Researched parental computer controls in the marketplace. Thought through the optimal approach to how and what the parent would want to restrict or allow. Worked with program manager to gather current customer pain points and telemetry data. I partnered with designers, user researchers, program management, content writers, and web development/engineering teams to align on the user experience goals and what we'd be able to launch with per milestone release.  

Family Safety Website

Family Safety Dashboard

Family Safety Dashboard

I created wireframes and then html prototypes. Through usability testing conducted by my user researcher I was able to narrow down the solution from three options. The final high fidelity mockups delivered on ease of use, quick access, and clear information. Applied the Windows Live visual styleguide to the user interface to create consistent experience for the customer.

The project involved two usability tests, multiple mockup iterations and reviews with upper level design management.

Final deliverables included final mockups, design spec, redlines, and visual assets used. Reviewed builds and logged bugs for final polish.  

Parent has an admin view to manage the type of content the child is exposed to:

Family Safety Content Filtering

Parent can view child's activity within a given period of time:

Family Safety Activity Reporting

Parent has an admin view to manage content:

Family Safety Contact Management

Experience for child coming to a blocked page:

Child View: Blocked Content Page

Special child default home page with curated approved appropriate content

Child Default Home Page
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