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AT&T Apps & Growth Engagement

While at AT&T Mobility, I also provided art direction and heuristic user experience and user interface visual design guidance. Here are examples of my work that I created for partner pitches and on launched projects.


Art Direction & Visual Guidance

  • AT&T Data Perks (Loyalty Rewards) Layout page patterns & user interace

  • Refill Plus (Pre-Paid Payments) Styleguide, visual user interface, design interactions

  • AT&T Roadside Assistance, AT&T Passport Iconography, visual user interface, design interactions

AT&T Data Perks (Loyalty Rewards Program)


Moto-X AT&T Landing Page

AT&T Refill Plus Visual Design & Styleguide

AT&T Roadside Assistance & AT&T Passport

Apps Envisioned (Smart Limits, Music, Concierge) for "CDLS Next"

AT&T Navigator + Family Map = "Project "Fetch"

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