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Shopping & Seller Experiences

From 1999 - 2005, I launched new product areas and worked on shopping / selling experiences on Retail Website

I was design manager in the Technical Products Group (scope of areas: Consumer Electronics, Software, CellPhones & Service (Wireless) and Computers areas. Reviewed and mentored 3 designers working in those product spaces. I hired and reviewed design vendors for illustrations and photography work.  

As a lead senior designer, I d
esigned tailored shopping experiences. I launched the following new product shopping experiences on the platform: Cell Phones & Service, Computers, and Software tabs. I also worked in the Consumer Electronics space. 

Leading new store launches at amazon, I designed customer experiences in search, cart, account, order pipeline, a to z guarantee, and customer satisfaction and help. I envisioned end to end customer experiences.

I worked on improving and innovating design patterns that appeared on detail pages, 
product comparison tools, bundled similarities, relevant product recommendations and specialty brand stores.

I worked closely with content team and photography studio on product shots and product guides design specs. International Orderpipeline

Worked on optimizing and making the shopping cart checkout experience for the US and across international locales (UK, Canada, France, Germany, Japan) more efficient. Launched improved Shopping Cart Experiences across domestic and int'l locales while adopting new backend technology Seller Central & Associates Central

Worked on Seller Central (v1) that offered enterprise and third party customers the seller tools they needed to manage their products on (item management, order management, gifts, shipping, refunds, A-Z returns, etc). 

Redesigned Associates Central homepage that enabled individuals to sell and promote products in their virtual store.

Designed internal tool that enabled to maintain seller quality.

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