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Windows Live Profile:
Social Sharing

Reflection of who you are, your life, and what you've been up to. 

Windows Live Profile Page reflects your status messages and activity across the social apps you engage in. Your personality is displayed in the favorite movies, music, and books you choose to display.

Target Audience:
Wide range 20's - late 30's. Customers typically have 3 other social services they connect with and a handful of contacts via Windows Live or Facebook. I was the designer on the Windows Live Profile Page that launched in 2008. It was targeted to be the social hub for Windows customers and a partner to Facebook. 

Reader/Visitor can view author's activity, connections, profile and faves:

Design Approach:
I researched social sharing trends and social networking sites and apps to form a mental picture on customer behavior and needs. This project involved the creation of wireframes, taskflows, and higher fidelity mockups. I communicated the user experience goals to upper level design management, designers, user researchers, content writers, program management, product groups, and web development/engineering teams. Partnered with the creative visual designer on the final look and feel. Final deliverables included design spec, redlines, and visual assets used. Reviewed builds and logged bugs for final polish.  

I created an engaging user experience that enabled customers to post their status, display their activity from the different social services, and network with their family and friends. Unique to the profile page was the "Favorites" area where customers could pull in photos/images of their favorite books, music, or movies that express their personality or how they were feeling that week. There was also a notes area where the profile owner could author a microblog post and also receive notes from viewers.

Author/Profile Page Owner can create their profile page and share their activity:

Author can customize the header background and display message:

Windows Live Profile Header

Profile Details that the Visitor/Reader would see:

Windows Live Detail Page

About Us and Contact Details:

Detail Page: About Us & Contact Us
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