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Windows Live Account Identity + Billing 

Central to your Windows Live identity sign-in and linking of accounts. Account interface to track payments for Microsoft products and services.  

Windows Live Account

I was the designer that launched Windows Live Account (Wave 1 & 2). This project involved creating a quick and easy user interaction experience for changing passwords and accessing account information, viewing billing account transactions, browsing settings, services, and security settings for Wave 1. The Wave 2 release involved enabling user to manage access to multiple accounts with their Linked IDs. This enabled customers to manage child accounts and gaming account in one interface.

I proposed a new design to enable users to find their information faster. Going beyond a flat list of services. I proposed exposing an index of areas alpha-numerically as well as provided a way to view services grouped by category. 

My design principles were to deliver no dead ends. Enable customers to be self-sufficient to get answers to their questions with an improved user interface that would lower the number of customer service contacts.


I partnered with my content writer for the editorial text and with my user researcher who ran usability sessions that tested different interaction approaches to task completion of core scenarios (information editing, management of linked IDs). I created html prototypes to test different interaction patterns for editing account information (modal pop-up, hub-spoke, and on-surface inline editing). I was able to validate and ensure quality end to end customer experience

I worked through product team feedback, presented designs to leadership and reviewed user experience approaches with upper design management, user research, content writer, business team, and web development/engineering teams.

Windows Live Services
Windows Live Account Summary

Account Summary

Windows Live Cloud Services 

Windows Live Account Settings


Microsoft Billing Account Management

Central Billing Area for all Microsoft purchases and points. Launched Microsoft XBOX Points Transactions into MSN Billing Account. 

I was the designer working on Microsoft Billing Account Management from 2006 - 2007. I created designs that allowed customers to easily view and understand their credit card transactions and Microsoft Xbox Points activity. 

I did a task mapping of core scenarios and created wireframes for the design approach. I researched how other sites handled account management and evaluated best practices. I created an html prototype and partnered with my usability researcher for usability testing of key customer scenarios. Final design was successful in reducing customer service contacts by providing a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" that were contextual to the customer's intent and current activity. 

I worked through product team feedback and communicated the user experience with design manager and upper design management, user research, business team, and web development/engineering teams.

I managed contingent staff who helped on final delivery of redlines and documentation of design specs. Reviewed builds and logged bugs for final polish.  

Microsoft Billing & Account Management: Payment Activity

Microsoft Billing & Account Management

Microsoft Points Activity (Xbox Points)

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