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Windows 8 Calendar

Schedule and organize your events, appointments, and meetings.

Provide customers with an optimized way to quickly and easily plan their day. The ability to schedule out events and know at a touch whether they are free or busy was important. 


Design Approach
I was the initial product designer on point for Calendar v1.0 (Planning through M3) before I handed the project off to the next designer for the second phase of the project. I partnered with my user researcher and program manager to synthesize customer needs, business goals, and technical requirements. My process included research, sketches, key scenarios, and user interface wireframes. I proposed design concepts to project managers, upper design management and worked through design feedback reviews. I partnered with the creative visual designer on the final look and feel. 

During the strategic planning phase of the Win 8 Calendar App, I worked on social calendar app concepts that involved the ability to bring in photos, event feeds, and weather forecasts. My goal was to make the calendar not only useful and useable but also desirable with a personalized sense of delight. Through usability sessions conducted by my user researcher and past research collected, I was able to validate customer's desire for the different calendar views and the importance of photos in personalizing the calendar.

I worked through the interaction between pages and the information architecture of the Calendar app. Shown here are early designs for creating and viewing events. 


I also worked on concepts involving the zooming in and out of timeline calendar spaces. I partnered with my PMs and motion designers to work out an interaction model that aligned with Win 8 system approach.

Also, designed experiences that enabled customers to multi-task (ability to refer to your calendar while still consuming a news article, email message, or web page).

Final deliverables included final mockups, designer interaction specs, visual designer specs, redlines, and visual assets. Reviewed developer builds and logged bugs for final polish.  


Anytime easy access to check schedule


2 - Day View


Week View


Living in other views - Interactive Touch Patterns

Future Design Concepts

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