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Design Brainstorm

I concept sketched different interaction models for color selection and built paper prototype for testing.

Windows 8 Drawing App

Drawing Experiences that delight

Delight customers by providing them with a fun, entertaining, touch-first intuitive way of creating works of art on the slate device. 

During the strategic planning phase of the Win 8, I worked on design concepts for the Win 8 Drawing Doodle App. 

I was the designer on point for the Drawing Doodle App. I partnered with my user researcher and project manager to think through customer needs, business goals, and technical requirements. My process included user research, sketches, key scenarios, and wireframes. I partnered with Microsoft Research and worked through the design feedback reviews with upper design management, product management, and developers to develop a design proposal for what the product offering could be for Win 8. 

I worked on interaction concepts involving touch expanding content to progressive disclose colors and brushes.

During the early stage, I sketched out different interaction approaches for displaying brushes and insertable content:

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