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AT&T Device Help

The Device Help App helps customers solve common and frustrating problems such as no connectivity, incorrect settings, running out of storage, unable to make calls, etc. 


Make it easier and faster for customer to solve their device problems on their own. 


— Improved user experience by having device and network diagnostics deliver a one touch “Fixt IT” solution which allows users to simply tap a button to execute an automated fix, or a "Guide Me" solution which overlays step-by-step instructions right on top of the actual device OS screens so the user can learn as they perform the solution steps.

— Custom dashboard for at a glance device system health


Worked with creative director, one product managers, two content strategists, and user researcher. Reviewed third party technology solution and provided inputs and heuristics on experience it would provide to our customers. Partnered with three designers assigned to the different sections of the project to iterate and align designs. Updated designs based on feedback from customers, research, content strategists, developer, and business stakeholder reviews.



These new capabilities were added to the existing set of static help articles and videos, requiring the design of a completely new set of robust user interactions and were met with positive feedback from stakeholders and customers.

Smart Help Drawer Menu
Troubleshooting issues
Flow Diagram
Troubleshooting messaging
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