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AT&T International
Travel Companion

The International Travel Companion helps customers keep track of their call, messaging, and data usage while traveling internationally. 


Simplify the presentation between buckets and pay-per-use for plans that can differ from country to country, Enable customers to self-service via the channel of choice to add or remove services. Make usage tracking clearer and easy to understand.

Design Approach

Utilized progressive disclosure at different levels to enable the customer to quickly and easily:

  • Get a clear overview of usage: AT&T Roaming Plan Dashboard

  • Troubleshoot potential issues: Usage Details, Tracking Metrics 

  • Lookup plan details and change service through different channels


Worked with creative director, product manager, content writer, and user research. Partnered with three designers assigned to the separate portions of the project to iterate and align designs. Updated designs based on feedback from customers, user research, content strategist, and business stakeholder reviews. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to work through technical issues. 


Designs resonated with customers and was foundational in the planning phase of the international data plan program. 

>> View invision prototype demo

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