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A simple and easy shopping experience that would allow customers to quickly find and buy the right plan and phone. 

I was the designer that launched the first Cell Phones & Services Store at My design goal was to simplify the cell phone buying experience while also providing enough information for the customer to make an educated decision on a phone and a plan that best fit their needs. Driving traffic to partner (AT&T, VoiceStream, Sprint, etc.) brandstores on web pages and increasing sales of accessories and phones were additional business goals that I met. 

I was responsible for driving the interaction and visuals for the e-commerce site and delivering the visuals used in strategic presentations made to partners. The project involved visiting bricks and mortar stores to analayze the in-person shopping experience, reviewing competitor websites, interviewing mobile cell phone shoppers about their buying habits, iterating on task flows, wireframes, low fidelity and high fidelity mockups. reviews with the business team, web development/engineering team and browse/search teams, review with Retail VP, and reviews with external partners. There were four sets of usability tests. I created an html prototype that tested the customer purchase path flow and communicated the optimal customer experience. Final deliverables included final mockups, design spec, redlines, and visual assets used. Reviewed builds and logged bugs for final polish.

Target Audience: 
Predominantly young and middle-aged customers. 70% were planning on switching service plans and were looking for service that better fits their needs. 20% were first time wireless buyers who were attracted to cool phones and promotions they could try out. The remaining 10% were gift buyers.

1-To create the most convenient, informative, and easy-to-use site, driving well-informed customer purchase decisions

2-To fulfill both our customer's orders, and their expectations for a great experience through finding, discovering and buying new wireless products online at

(1) Researched the customer experience in physical stores
(2) Evaluated services provided by online competitors
(3) Creative Brief (User Needs + Business Goals) 
(4) Wireframe Task Flows
(5) Moodboards for aesthetics and map template creation
(6) Mockups
(7) Usability Testing
(8) Mockup Refinement and Usability Testing




Design assessment and driving of improved service plan coverage map visuals on the site.



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