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A simple shopping experience that would allow customers to buy computers, peripherals, accessories

I was the designer that launched's first Computers Store. I was also the designer that launched's first Software store. Both the Computer Store and Software Store were Amazon tabs. I created a user interface that simplified the computer buying experiences by offering pre-configurated computer packages as well as an option to customize a computer package that best fits their needs. Driving traffic to partner content and increase sales in brand stores were business goals I met.

I was responsible for both the interaction and design visuals. Analysis of retail computer stores, online computer websites, and customer surveys helped form the customer model and design approach. I mapped out task flows and wireframes. I developed low fidelity mockups for initial buy-off and created interaction flows with high fidelity prototypes for usability testing. I created an html prototype that tested the customer purchase path flow and involved two sets of usability tests. I reviewed the ux designs and worked through feedback from design management, business, content writers, and developer stakeholders.

Final deliverables included final mockups, design spec, redlines, and visual assets used. Reviewed builds and logged bugs for final polish.  

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