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Expedia post-booking
flight exchange and cancel

Improved the experience of call center agents and customers who exchange, void, and cancel online flight bookings. 


— Increase the number of flight exchange and cancel transactions that are completed successfully. Targeted high volume and high effort use cases.
— Reduce call propensity and agent error costs/debit memos.

— Reduce agent handling time and customer frustration.


— Made user experience easy and efficient. Simplified complex tasks. Flight exchange/cancel eligibility and the amount of change and cancel fees would require no manual lookup. 
— Ensured no dead ends by taking into consideration any transition points needed to complete the exchange/cancel task. Detected unsupported use cases as early on in the flow as possible and messaged notification next steps.

— Introduced new pages and ui patterns in the experience flow when there was a customer need and validated that the improvement was scalable to different use cases. (example: Select Flights and Travelers, Review: Amount due)



— Project was a multi-year release. Worked with director, three product managers, two technical program managers, two line of business managers, two service delivery SMEs, learning development instructional designer, user research, and content strategist. Partnered with a designer who I mentored on the self-service portion of the project. Collaborated with another designer who worked on the css styles.
— Conducted multiple iterative usability testing and focus group sessions in Manila and San Salvador both remotely and on-location to validate assumptions. Used feedback and guidance from user experience researcher to get customer insights and structure usability test script. Updated designs based on the research feedback from customers and business stakeholder reviews.
— Collaborated with four different development teams in daily standup meetings to solve technical issues and deliver best ux for launch. 


Designs contributed to a decrease in the average handling time of agents. Tracking transactions over a year after the initial release showed business revenue increase and savings in decreased operations costs. There was positive feedback from the survey results of agents using the tool that the new design improved their work. 

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