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Expedia Travel Connect
Travel Connect is a platform for partners to grow their travel business. The MVP deliverable was a website and a set of APIs that would enable the program account managers the ability to setup and launch an Expedia branded website in a new country.

— Simplify the experience and lessen the amount of time it takes for an internal brand manager to launch a website in another country. Current experience can take 6 weeks to 6 months to set up due to custom requirements that result in complex one-off solutions.
— Optimize for efficiency and effectiveness of site setup backend and operations. Create a quicker, consistent, and simplified experience that will allow the account manager and tech teams to process the brand manager's requests, handle change requests and communicate status. 

-- Alleviate pain points of current process that involves the brand manager talking to 4-6 people and providing duplicate information with multiple submissions.


— Facilitated design strategy workshop sessions to create user profiles, information architecture, user stories, and align on product design principles.

— Conducted competitive research, task analysis, and user interviews.

— Held whiteboard sessions and design reviews for information architecture, task flows, wireframes, and mockups.

— Managed weekly design review sessions with partner ux and product management and design teams in Bellevue, London, and India.

— Created usability test brief, script, and conducted usability sessions based on feedback and guidance from user experience researchers. Evangelized design and research best practices to team members so that they could also conduct usability sessions.  

Drove design strategy, project vision, scope, and deliverables with product directors, project managers, creative director, content strategist, user researchers, backend architect and developers from cross-functional teams. Collaborated with two other designers for style guide patterns and illustration needs. I presented and reviewed designs with business owners and upper level management and conducted multiple iterative usability studies (10+ participants). Worked with development team in two week agile sprints where I delivered final mockups, redlines, and reviewed builds and prioritized bugs. 

The design vision and MVP product that the team created for commercializing platform products resulted in the creation of two new organizations within the company. Our working team received two company awards for overall impact and support of the platform.

— As a platform, recommended simplification and alignment to 
ensure consistency in terminology, interactions, and flow that would scale well across the multiple brands and future partners. Self-service setup and the unified datafication would be a time savings to lower business costs.

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