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About me...

User-centered design focus, visual & interaction design, information design, experience design, art direction, illustration, information architecture, product concept development, and project management.

Experience designing mobile experiences, productivity software applications, desktop OS experiences, device ui, websites, and print materials. Proficient in mac/ios and windows/pc platforms.

Created designs for both consumer and enterprise customers. Scenario-based approach based on customer's needs. 

User Experience Design Process
I enjoy collaborating with designers, researchers, program/product managers, and developers, and customers to synthesize customer needs, business goals, and technical requirements in order to shape the best user experience for the customer. Design process involves communication, research, sketches, key scenarios, task flows, wireframes, and final design screens and assets.

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Graduated with a BFA Degree in Graphic Design 
from the University of Washington in 1994. 

I want to design experiences that excite and engage people.

Effective experiences that bring a sense of accomplishment and ease of use to the customer.

Customers feel that they've done something that brings value and fulfills a need in their lives.

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