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Microsoft Photomail
(Windows Mail, Live Writer)

Improved user experience for sharing photos. 


Customers were facing the following pain points in mail messaging when sharing photos:
— File size attachment limit.

— Hard to organize and download photos from multiple emails.
— No visual cue on what attached photo(s) look likes.
— Time consuming. Limited engagement.


Created the ui in LiveWriter and Windows Mail that enables customers to share photos in a variety of layouts. The photos are stored online and play in a slideshow. These photomail albums appeared in the Windows Live Services of: Mail, LiveWriter, Hotmail, and Windows Live Home, Profile, and Spaces.

Worked with two product managers, one program manager, usability researcher, content writer, and design manager. Collaborated with two visual designers and product designer on visuals and iconography. Updated designs based on feedback from customers and business stakeholder and technical reviews. Worked with development team in bi-weekly meetings and standups. 


— 30% increase in photo sharing via photomail instead of file attachments. This saved company file cloud storage costs.
— Deepened customer engagement for using Windows Live services and feedback from customers and reviews was favorable.
— Design used platform ribbon control which improved user experience consistency and maintenance costs.


View my role and design process

View video of Windows Mail (Photomail)

View video of Windows Live Writer (Photomail)

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